• Fibroscopy and coloscopy
  • Examination Process
  • Indication of examinations

Fibroscopy and coloscopy

Fibroscopy and coloscopy

Fibroscopy is a technique that allows visualising the inside of the body by the introduction of a flexible tube in the natural voices, with a light source and a camera.

Colonoscopy is a visual examination of the colon using a probe equipped with a camera. 

Examination Process

Examination Process

The examinations are performed under general anaesthesia. The animals must be presented on an empty stomach. If necessary, a pre-anaesthetic check-up can be carried out.

For certain digestive examinations (colonoscopy), medical preparation is essential in order to empty the digestive tract. The animals are then hospitalised the day before. In these cases, a diet of 48 hours is also necessary.

The clinic is equipped with a Fujinon EPX 2500 high definition video endoscopy system. An 8mm diameter endoscope and a 4mm bronchoscope make it possible to perform digestive (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) and respiratory (Bronchoscopy) endoscopies on most domestic carnivores.

Indication of examinations

Indication of examinations

The main indications for endoscopy in veterinary medicine are:

  • Exploration of chronic vomiting
  • Removal of foreign gastric bodies
  • Exploring chronic diarrhoea
  • Search for strange bronchial bodies (spikelets)
  • Exploration of chronic coughs and broncho-alveolar swabs
  • General exploration of the Larynx, the Stain and the Bronchial Tree
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